Infonews SHELF

Shelf, the bottom-fixed runner for pull-out shelves, is now available with a lock-open function.

Thus a simple magnetic accessory significantly increases the functionality of the runner. It is now possible for the shelf to be held at its maximum opening position in order to use it as an additional fixed work surface which can accommodate small domestic appliances such as kettles or food mixers.

It is then sufficient to apply a simple and firm pressure on the frontal to release the shelf and allow the runners to bring it back to its closed position.

The lock-open device can be used together with Shelf runners, both with Smove decelerated closing and with Push opening.

In case of very large shelves or particularly heavy loads, more lock-open devices can be added, in order to increase the stop strength and to improve the stability of the shelf used as a work surface.

SHELF technical pamphlet