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Infonews PIN

Personalisation and complete versatility. Pin is the innovative and revolutionary display storage system. Available in three versions, Pin Wine, Pin Knife and Pin Shelf, Pin allows the most flexible and creative arrangement of bottles, knives and shelves.

The elegant, design-oriented and highly refined Pin has streamlined aesthetics and quick and intuitive assembly. This system is available in aluminium and titanium finishes, complementing all kinds of room settings, furniture and applications.

The Pin brackets can be moved easily and positioned anywhere with an ingenious fixing system that is extremely strong and stable. The profiles for the fixing can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood panels.

PIN presentation

Infonews GLOW+

Glow+, the sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors, equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action, considerably increases its versatility.

The system, in fact, is now available with new 6-holes carriages, which extends its compatibility with the systems of the competitors Caimi and Mixal, without requiring any additional machining or modification of the doors.

This development thereby enables the innovative Glow+ system to improve and modernise the sliding system of any wardrobe.

The carriages are available for door height from the ground of 17 mm and 33 mm and for door thickness between 23 mm and 50 mm.

Glow+ can be used both with wooden doors and aluminium-framed doors, with a max. weight of 70 kg. and delivers an extremely fluent and silent smooth sliding movement. This system is particularly suitable in living rooms and in bedroom wardrobes.

GLOW+ technical pamphlet